End-to-end product building company for startups,
scale-upsand mid-sized companies

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Bring your product to life

A service company

We partner exclusively with product​ companies across industries to help​ them build their digital products​​.​

Proud member of Novi Sad's Science and Technology park

We are part of the most innovative and​ selective Technology hub in Serbia. We are its fastest growing start-up.​

Scientists and versatile engineers​

We have strong connections with the Faculty of Technical Sciences. Our CTO and Head of engineering are researchers in the fields of AI, Data Science and Software engineering.​

Our team counts 40+ seasoned engineers, scientists, QAs, product managers, UI/UX designers and data scientists​.​

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Science and Technology HUB,​

Fruskogorska 1, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia​



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What Plassido can do


Quality Assurance​

AI and Data Science​

Our developers have a strong engineering background. They are technology agnostic, and they love to try out different technologies.​

Plassido engineers use best DevOps practices such as continuous integration and delivery to help our clients implement automation of software delivery.​

We also harbour deep knowledge in solutions architecture, infrastructure maintenance, and planning and executing complex cloud migrations.​

Fields of expertise

• Java​

• .net​

• Python​

• Angular​

• React / Next.js​

• Vue.js​

• Node.js / NestJS​

• Flutter​

• Digital Ocean​

• Azure​

• AWS​

Services we offer

Why choose Plassido

End-to-end product building

A team adapted to your context, gathering the technical and organizational expertise necessary to achieve your ambitions. This ranges from testing new and innovative ideas, and developing PoCs and/or MVPs, to delivering complete end-to-end solutions.

• Product management​

• UI/UX​

• Project management

• Systems Architecture​

• Development​

• Quality Assurance

• DevOps​

• Maintenance and Support​

Tech consulting

As a tech consulting company, we engage in resolving red flags and burning issues ASAP, focus on detecting and mitigating potential risks and empower your decisions by bringing a fresh perspective to your problems. ​

• Information System    technical assessment​

• Technical Debt assessment​

• Remediation actions​

• Technical modernisation    road map​

• Information System    continuity plan​

• UI/UX facelifting​

Systems integration

We partner with product companies to enable them to integrate their products with their end clients. ​

• Implementation​

• Upgrade ​

• Testing factory ​

• Configuration management​

• Support and maintenance​

We help you determine the right path for your success, through systems integration, tech consulting and end-to-end product building.

Stefan Andjelic


A researcher and a software engineer with over eight years of experience in applying artificial intelligence solutions in various industries.​

Wore many hats throughout the career, from software development and solutions architecture to management and academic research.​

Teaching multiple machine learning courses and working with many bright young minds in the field.​

Davorin Zrnic


Entrepreneur, with a strong background in Investment Banking and IT services industry. In leadership positions for the last 15 years. Managed multinational teams across the globe.​

In his last position he built a delivery center for a multinational IT company from ground zero to 300+ employees.​

He was part of the executive leadership in an IT services company that employs 13.000 people and operates in 17 countries.​

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